Punch Buggy Uno - The Mobile Game!
Rules of Punch Buggy Uno

PunchBuggy Uno has two different games you can play.

Classic Mode - This game mode begins when you create a game and invite your friends. Select a starting color and when you see punch buggies on the road that match that color claim it and then select the next active color. You get one point for each punch buggy, set a number and when the first person reaches it he or she will be the winner!

Uno Style - In this version of the game each player is given a card with each punch buggy color. The first person to see a punch buggy with the color will click on the card, this will bring up your camera and you must take a snapshot of the car, then your card gets checked off. The first person to fill all the cards wins!

Wildcards: Wild cards can be played with any color.

In Classic mode, if the currently selected bug is "wildcard" then the first punch buggy you see can be claimed, however if the current color selected is any of the other vehicles (i.e. Red, Green, Orange) you can then find a punch buggy on the road that has 3 or more colors (My kids often claim Bestbuy's Geek Squad Punch Buggies) and claim it for the selected color.

In Uno Mode, Wild Cards can be claimed for any color punch buggy card. To claim it, simply click the wildcard, select the color punch buggy you want to claim the wildcard for in the popup and take a picture of the punchbuggy you see on the road. It will automatically be assigned for the color you are substituting! (An example would be, you see a "white" punch buggy and you already used the white card, use the white punch buggy as the wildcard for Pink or Orange. Wildcards are a fun twist, but remember to use it sparingly and for hard to find colors (Think Pink!).

Also, please note that this game was created by my children, my wife and I as a way to pass the long drives and we've had a blast playing it and we hope you do too! Careful, it gets addicting! :)